Our Story

I started this company with the mission of creating the world’s cleanest, most flavorful bevs that help contribute to the well-being of others. In fact, I’m proud to say we’re the first company to create a new beverage category, known as clean beverages.

A clean beverage is free from sugar, and all artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, caffeine, preservatives, and harmful chemicals. In other words, I removed all the bad ingredients found in regular and diet soft drinks, then infused them with mother nature’s electrolytes, extracts, and botanicals that help boost your immune system.

What makes CASON Beverage unique is we’re a hybrid of multiple beverages. We have the aromatics and foamy head of a craft beer, the flavor profile and bubble structure of a soft drink, the health benefits of a kombucha, but with the clean label of sparkling water.

All of our R&D is done in-house, our bevs are made in small batches, and we use only the best, non-gmo ingredients that we source from farmers all over the world.

As I like to say, we’re a boutique beverage company with an unrelenting passion to make clean beverages that you and your family can enjoy for any occasion.

Founder, Janitor
CASON Beverage